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 Long weekend RC plans?

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PostSubject: Re: Long weekend RC plans?   Long weekend RC plans? - Page 2 Icon_minitime1Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:52 pm

Yeah - good luck! Is this televised tonight??? Speed Channel? (or should I say, the tow-truck channel).

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Long weekend RC plans? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Long weekend RC plans?   Long weekend RC plans? - Page 2 Icon_minitime1Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:20 am

I don't know of it will be broadcast or not, there were Speed Channel and ESPN trucks there so maybe. The Prelude to the Dream was rained out and will be run latter this season, that was the mid-week show hosted by Tony Stewart for the NASCAR guys. It was supposed to be on pay-per-view last Wednesday. I think it's going to be in September and it will be televised...maybe PPV but sooner or later it will be on Speed.

Well. it was a short scary race. I went up to turn three to watch because last time I was near turn one (ok, on turn one), in 1998, I was pulled from burning debris; no real damage--to me--but it was scary none the less. So to appease my superstitious streak I decided to just avoid the corner. Anyway, Wayne started out 14th and by lap four had moved up to ninth. He was up on the fence and flying when the 2nd place car (maybe 3rd, they were running side by side) broke and ran across the turn entrance, Wayne and another driver were collected. I didn't see it happen but I did see the red lights come on. I thought they were towing him back to the pits so we walked back and I went into the motorhome because I really had to use the restroom. It didn't dawn on me that he didn't show up for a while...I don't know if he limped a few laps or not, I didn't want to ask because he was really down. I'll find out latter. At least he seems to take things like this better than me, he didn't say a word all night, just sat and watched the races from the roof of the motorhome. I would have been yelling at everyone in sight...it wouldn't have helped, but it would have happened:)

Our friend Donnie placed 7th in his heat and moved to the C main, he made it to the Bmain but the car seemed to be way off. Scotty Bloomquist took 2nd in the A main. Scotty is a driver I've always respected (even though he nerfed me over the hill at Buckeye Speedway once--jerk:)) and it was good to see him running that strong again.

I just was looking to see if anyone has posted the heats on youtube yet...nothing so far, but I did find a cool promo for the Prelude to the Dream and thought someone might like it. It never dawns on me, until I see something like this to remind me, that not everyone is around dirt tracks and some may have never even seen a dirt race, so...dirt track 101:

BTW, the cars on the video are typical set-ups but they are a heck of a lot less banged up than normal.

Long weekend RC plans? - Page 2 HARDCHAllenGER
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Long weekend RC plans?
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